I'm a 17 year-old self-taught web devloper in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


I'm looking for a summer internship to give me professional experience during my college career.


I graduate high school this May (2021), but I'm enrolled in college classes at the University of Minnesota full time.

This Website


This website is made with the templating language Pug.js and Sass, a CSS preprocessor

Build Process

Both Pug.js files and Sass files are compiled down to static HTML and CSS using simple npm scripts in the package.json file.


I use GitHub actions to automatically build my site into a very very small docker image (<4MB) on push.

It then sends a trigger to my DigitalOcean droplet to pull the new image and restart the container.


The GitHub repo for this site is at:

If you don't believe me that the docker image is small: here's the link